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Book 5 (Maritime Trade) of the Commercial Code

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Übersetzung durch Samson-Übersetzungen GmbH, Dr. Carmen v. Schöning

Translation provided by Samson-Übersetzungen GmbH, Dr. Carmen v. Schöning

Stand: Die Übersetzung berücksichtigt die Änderung(en) des Gesetzes durch Artikel 1 des Gesetzes vom 20.4.2013 (BGBl. I S. 831)
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Version information: The translation includes the amendment(s) to the Act by Article 1 of the Act of 20.4.2013 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 831)
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Fifth Book
Maritime trade
Chapter 1
Persons involved in shipping
Section 476Reeder
Section 477Ausrüster
Section 478Ship’s company
Section 479Rights of the master; ship’s log
Section 480Responsibility of the Reeder for the ship’s company and pilots
Chapter 2
Transport contracts
Subchapter 1
Contracts for the carriage of goods by sea
Title 1
Contract for the carriage of general cargo
Subtitle 1
General regulations
Section 481Primary duties; scope of application
Section 482General information regarding the goods
Section 483Dangerous goods
Section 484Packing; leading marks
Section 485Seaworthiness and cargoworthiness
Section 486Handover of the goods for carriage; loading; reloading; discharge
Section 487Accompanying documents
Section 488Liability of the shipper and of third parties
Section 489Termination by the shipper
Section 490Carrier’s rights if the goods are not handed over for carriage in due time
Section 491Subsequent instructions
Section 492Obstacles to carriage and delivery
Section 493Payment; calculation of freight
Section 494Rights of consignee; duty to pay
Section 495Carrier’s lien
Section 496Subsequent carrier
Section 497Ranking order of several liens
Subtitle 2
Liability for loss of or physical damage to the goods
Section 498Grounds for liability
Section 499Particular grounds for exclusion of liability
Section 500Inadmissible loading and stowing of goods on deck
Section 501Responsibility for other persons
Section 502Compensation based upon value
Section 503Assessment costs
Section 504Limit of liability in the event the goods are damaged
Section 505Unit of account
Section 506Non-contractual claims
Section 507Conduct barring exemptions from liability and limitations of liability
Section 508Liability of servants and of the ship’s company
Section 509Actual carrier
Section 510Notice of damage
Section 511Presumption of loss
Section 512Divergent arrangements
Subtitle 3
Accompanying documents
Section 513Entitlement to issuance of a bill of lading
Section 514“On-board” bill of lading; “received-for-shipment” bill of lading
Section 515Contents of the bill of lading
Section 516Bill of lading format; authorisation to issue statutory instruments
Section 517Evidentiary effect of the bill of lading
Section 518Position of Reeder when carrier data are inadequate
Section 519Entitlement under the bill of lading; legitimation
Section 520Carrying out instructions
Section 521Delivery in exchange for the bill of lading
Section 522Objections
Section 523Liability for inaccurate information in the bill of lading
Section 524Transfer effected by the bill of lading (“effect of tradition”)
Section 525Divergent provision made in the bill of lading
Section 526Sea waybill; authorisation to issue statutory instruments
Title 2
Voyage charter contract
Section 527Voyage charter contract
Section 528Port of loading; loading wharf
Section 529Notice of readiness for loading
Section 530Loading time; laytime on demurrage
Section 531Loading and stowing goods
Section 532Termination by the shipper
Section 533Partial carriage
Section 534Termination by the carrier
Section 535Discharge from the ship
Subchapter 2
Contracts for the carriage of passengers and their luggage
Section 536Scope of application
Section 537Definitions
Section 538Liability of the carrier for personal injuries
Section 539Liability of the carrier for physical damage to luggage and damages resulting from delays in the re-delivery of luggage
Section 540Responsibility for other persons
Section 541Limit of liability for personal injury
Section 542Limit of liability for physical damage to luggage and damages due to delays in the re-delivery of luggage
Section 543Interest and costs of court proceedings
Section 544Unit of account
Section 545Conduct barring limitation of liability
Section 546Actual carrier
Section 547Liability of the carrier’s servants and of the ship’s company
Section 548Concurrent claims
Section 549Notice of damage
Section 550Lapse of claims to compensation of damages
Section 551Divergent agreements
Section 552Carrier’s lien
Chapter 3
Charter contracts for ships
Subchapter 1
Chartering a ship
Section 553Bareboat charter contract
Section 554Turning over and returning the ship; maintenance
Section 555Safeguarding the owner’s rights
Section 556Termination
Subchapter 2
Time charter
Section 557Time charter contract
Section 558Time charter party
Section 559Provision of the ship
Section 560Maintenance of the ship in contractually agreed condition
Section 561Use of the ship
Section 562Notification obligations
Section 563Loading and discharge of goods
Section 564Costs of operating the ship
Section 565Hire
Section 566Owner’s lien
Section 567Breach of duties
Section 568Right of retention
Section 569Return of the ship
Chapter 4
Ship’s emergencies
Subchapter 1
Collision of ship
Section 570Obligation to compensate for damages
Section 571Contributory fault
Section 572Damage without collision
Section 573Involvement of an inland waterway vessel
Subchapter 2
Section 574Duties of the salvor and of other persons
Section 575Prevention or minimisation of damages to the environment
Section 576Right to a reward
Section 577Amount of the salvage reward
Section 578Special compensation
Section 579Exclusion of a claim to remuneration
Section 580Salvor’s misconduct
Section 581Claim to apportionment
Section 582Plurality of salvors
Section 583Saving human life
Section 584Conclusion of a salvage contract and retroactive review of its content by a court
Section 585Lien, right of retention
Section 586Ranking order of several liens
Section 587Provision of security
Subchapter 3
General average
Section 588Preservation from common peril
Section 589Fault or neglect of a party to the adventure or of a third party
Section 590Assessment of the average
Section 591Contribution in general average
Section 592General average disbursements
Section 593Rights of maritime lienors
Section 594Lien of the parties entitled to a general average disbursement; prohibition of delivery
Section 595Settlement of the average
Chapter 5
Maritime lienor
Section 596Secured claims
Section 597Lien held by maritime lienors
Section 598Object of the lien held by the maritime lienors
Section 599Lapse of the claim
Section 600Lapse by passage of time
Section 601Satisfaction of the maritime lienor
Section 602Precedence of the liens held by maritime lienors
Section 603General ranking of liens held by maritime lienors
Section 604Ranking order of liens listed under the same number
Chapter 6
Statutory limitation period
Section 605One-year statutory limitation period
Section 606Two-year statutory limitation period
Section 607Commencement of statutory limitation periods
Section 608Extension of the limitation period
Section 609Arrangements as to the limitation period
Section 610Concurrent claims
Chapter 7
General limitation of liability
Section 611Convention as to the limitation of liability
Section 612Limitation of liability for claims arising from the removal of a wreck
Section 613Limitation of liability for small ships
Section 614Limitation of liability for damages to harbours and waterways
Section 615Limitation of the pilot’s liability
Section 616Conduct barring limitation of liability
Section 617Procedure for limiting liability
Chapter 8
Procedural Rules
Section 618Injunction by a salvor
Section 619Service of documents to the master or skipper of a ship