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Federal Mining Act

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Übersetzung durch den Sprachendienst des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz.

Translation provided by the Language Service of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Stand: Die Übersetzung berücksichtigt die Änderung(en) des Gesetzes durch Artikel 1 des Gesetzes vom 14. Juni 2021 (BGBl. I S. 1760)
Der Stand der deutschsprachigen Dokumentation kann aktueller sein. Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bbergg/BJNR013100980.html.

Version information: The translation includes the amendment(s) to the Act by Article 1 of the Act of 14 June 2021 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 1760)
Translations may not be updated at the same time as the German legal provisions displayed on this website. To compare with the current status of the German version, see http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bbergg/BJNR013100980.html.

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Part I
Introductory Provisions
Section 1Purpose of the Act
Section 2Material and territorial scope of application
Section 3Freely mineable and freehold mineral resources
Section 4Definitions
Section 5Application of the Administrative Procedure Act
Section 5aPublic notification
Part II
Mining Authorizations
Chapter 1
Freely mineable resources
Subchapter 1
Exploration licence, extraction licence, mining proprietorship
Section 6Principle
Section 7Exploration licence
Section 8Extraction licence
Section 9Mining proprietorship
Section 10Applications
Section 11Denial of an exploration licence
Section 12Denial of an extraction licence
Section 13Denial of mining proprietorship rights
Section 14Priority
Section 15Involvement of other authorities
Section 16Form, content and auxiliary provisions
Section 17Creating mining proprietorships
Section 18Revocation
Section 19Revocation of an exploration licence or an extraction licence
Section 20Revocation of mining proprietorships
Section 21Participation in exploration
Section 22Transfer and passing of exploration licences and extraction licences
Section 23Sale of mining proprietorships
Subchapter 2
Consolidation, partition and exchange of mining proprietorships
Section 24Admissibility of consolidation
Section 25Requirements for consolidation
Section 26Permission for consolidation, mining authorization deeds
Section 27Effect of consolidation
Section 28Partition
Section 29Exchange
Subchapter 3
Field royalties and mining royalties
Section 30Field royalty
Section 31Mining royalty
Section 32Field and mining royalty calculation, collection and adjustments
Subchapter 4
Notification of discovery
Section 33Notification of discovery and compensation
Chapter 2
Freehold resources
Section 34Subject of the permission to explore and extract freehold resources
Chapter 3
Combining fields
Section 35Requirements
Section 36Procedure
Section 37Compensation
Section 38Combining fields, revocation, mining royalty
Part III
Exploration, Extraction and Treatment
Chapter 1
General provisions on exploration and extraction
Subchapter 1
Section 39Consent of the property owner, consent of other authorities, compensation
Section 40Dispute resolution
Section 41Extraction of resources during exploration
Subchapter 2
Section 42Incidental extraction of resources during extraction of freely mineable resources
Section 43Incidental extraction of resources during extraction of freehold resources
Section 44Right to construct auxiliary structures
Section 45Incidental extraction of resources during construction of auxiliary structures
Section 46Auxiliary structures for mining proprietorships
Section 47Use of third-party mining structures
Subchapter 3
Prohibitions and restrictions
Section 48General prohibitions and restrictions
Section 49Restriction of exploration on the continental shelf and within coastal waters
Chapter 2
Notification, operating plan
Section 50Notification
Section 51Operating plan requirements
Section 52Operating plans for erecting and operating mines
Section 53Operating plan for termination of operations, operating log
Section 54Approval procedure
Section 55Approval of operating plans
Section 56Form and content of approval, provision of security
Section 57Deviations from an approved operating plan
Section 57aPlanning approval procedure, environmental impact assessment
Section 57bEarly commencement, preliminary approval, partial approval, precedence
Section 57cAuthorization to issue ordinances
Section 57dApproval procedure for potentially hazardous projects
Section 57eProcedures relating to projects to generate energy from renewable sources
Chapter 3
Responsible persons
Section 58Responsible persons
Section 59Employment of responsible persons
Section 60Appointment and dismissal of responsible persons, notification of names
Section 61Basic duties
Section 62Transferability of certain duties and powers
Chapter 4
Other provisions applicable to operations
Section 63Mine plans
Section 64Mine surveyors
Part IV
Authority to Issue Mining Ordinances
Section 65Notification, permission, general approval, assessment
Section 66Protective measures, restoring usability, technical knowledge
Section 67Technical and statistical documents, mine surveying
Section 68Issuing mining ordinances
Part V
Mining Supervision
Section 69Basic supervision
Section 70General powers of supervision, obligations of disclosure and toleration
Section 71Basic authority to issue orders
Section 72Preventing unauthorized activities, seizure
Section 73Prohibition of employment of responsible persons
Section 74Assistance, notification requirement
Part VI
Mining Authorization Book, Mining Authorization Map
Section 75Filing and updating the mining authorization book and the mining authorization map
Section 76Viewing rights
Part VII
Mining and Land Ownership, Public Transportation Facilities
Chapter 1
Assignment of real property
Subchapter 1
Admissibility and conditions for real property assignment
Section 77Purpose of real property assignment
Section 78Subject of real property assignment
Section 79Requirements for admissibility of real property assignment
Section 80Assignees and assignors
Section 81Scope of assignment of real property
Section 82Expanding the scope of real property assignment
Section 83Applying provisions mutatis mutandis
Subchapter 2
Section 84Principles of compensation
Section 85Compensation for loss of legal rights
Section 86Compensation for other economic losses, contributory negligence
Section 87Rights of secondarily entitled parties
Section 88Transfer of liability after expropriation
Section 89Amount of compensation
Section 90Changes in value, changes, creation of new legal status
Subchapter 3
Preliminary ruling, execution and reversal of the real property assignment
Section 91Preliminary ruling
Section 92Execution of assignment of real property
Section 93Escrow
Section 94Claiming rights to escrow, distribution proceedings
Section 95Deadline for use
Section 96Revocation of assignment of real property
Subchapter 4
Premature possession
Section 97Requirements
Section 98Compensation for premature possession
Section 99Assessment of condition of the piece of land
Section 100Effective date and legal consequences of premature possession, provision of security
Section 101Revocation and alteration of the decision on premature possession
Section 102Compensation for revocation or change in premature possession
Subchapter 5
Costs, compulsory enforcement, proceedings
Section 103Costs
Section 104Enforceable title
Section 105Proceedings
Section 106Notification
Chapter 2
Land use restrictions
Section 107Establishment of land use restricted areas
Section 108Effect of establishment of land use restrictions
Section 109Compensation
Chapter 3
Subsidence damage
Subchapter 1
Section 110Obligation of adaptation
Section 111Safeguarding measures
Section 112Loss of claim to compensation
Section 113Construction warnings
Subchapter 2
Liability for subsidence damage
Subsubchapter 1
General provisions
Section 114Subsidence damage
Section 115Liability of the entrepreneur
Section 116Liability of mining permit holders
Section 117Scope of liability, statute of limitations, third-party rights
Section 118Contributory negligence
Section 119Contributory negligence of a third party
Section 120Presumption of subsidence damage
Section 121Effect regarding other provisions
Subsubchapter 2
Subsidence damage insurance
Section 122Authorization
Section 123Ordinance on execution
Subchapter 3
Mining and public transportation facilities
Section 124Public transportation facilities
Subchapter 4
Monitoring the surface
Section 125Measurements
Other Activities and Facilities
Section 126Underground storage sites
Section 127Drilling
Section 128Old dumps
Section 129Test pits, test mines
Section 130(repealed)
Section 131Mine rescue centers
Part IX
Special Provisions for the Continental Shelf
Section 132Research activities
Section 133Submarine cables and transit pipelines
Section 134Monitoring and executing administrative acts, cooperation
Section 135(repealed)
Section 136Responsibilities for other administrative tasks
Section 137Transitional regulation
Part X
Federal Testing Laboratory, Committee of Experts, Execution
Chapter 1
Federal Testing Laboratory for Mining
Section 138Establishment
Section 139Responsibilities
Section 140Testing, fees
Chapter 2
Committee of experts, execution
Section 141Committee of experts for mining
Section 142Competent authorities
Section 143Administrative provisions
Part XI
Recourse to the Courts, Administrative Fines and Criminal Law Provisions
Section 144Complaints before courts of general jurisdiction
Section 145Regulatory offenses
Section 146Criminal offenses
Section 147Investigation of crimes
Section 148Location of the offense, jurisdiction
Part XII
Transitional and Final Provisions
Chapter 1
Old rights and agreements
Section 149Requirements for maintaining old rights and agreements
Section 150Exceptions to freely mineable resources
Section 151Mining proprietorship
Section 152Maintained exploration rights and agreements, research activities
Section 153Concessions, exploration licences and extraction agreements
Section 154Mines, mining rights and special rights
Section 155Extraction rights in rem
Section 156Maintained rights and agreements regarding freehold resources
Section 157Land annuities
Section 158Water drainage tunnel rights
Section 159Old rights and exploration for scientific purposes
Section 160Expropriation of old rights and agreements
Section 161Expanding mining proprietorship to rescinded length fields
Section 162Decision, legal changes
Chapter 2
Dissolving and liquidating mining unions
Section 163Dissolution and conversion
Section 164Liquidation
Section 164aTransition
Section 165Law continuing in force
Chapter 3
Other transitional and final provisions
Section 166Existing auxiliary structures
Section 167Continued applicability of operating plans and accreditations
Section 168Permission for transit pipelines
Section 168aAuthorization in the area of expanded territorial waters
Section 168bExisting submarine cables
Section 169Transitional period for submission to mining supervision, terminated operations
Section 170Liability for damage caused
Section 170aStatute of limitations for subsidence damage
Section 171Initiated proceedings
Section 171aTransitional provision
Section 172Claims
Section 173Contiguous operations
Section 174(repealed)
Section 175(repealed)
Section 176Expiry of Land law, references
Section 177(repealed)
Section 178Entry into force
EV Excerpt from the Treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic on the Establishment of German Unity Appendix I Chapter V Subject area D Section III (Federal Law Gazette II 1990, 889, 1003)
Measures for the acceded area (Art. 3 of the Unification Treaty)
Section III