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Youth Courts Act

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Übersetzung durch Chris Pavis und Neil Mussett

Translation provided by Chris Pavis and Neil Mussett

Stand: Die Übersetzung berücksichtigt die Änderung(en) des Gesetzes durch Artikel 21 des Gesetzes vom 25. Juni 2021 (BGBl. I S. 2099)
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Version information: The translation includes the amendment(s) to the Act by Article 21 of the Act of 25 June 2021 (Federal Law Gazette Part I p. 2099)
Translations may not be updated at the same time as the German legal provisions displayed on this website. To compare with the current status of the German version, see http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/jgg/BJNR007510953.html.

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Part I
Section 1Scope as to persons and substantive scope
Section 2Goal of criminal law relating to young people; application of general criminal law
Part II
First Title
Youth misconduct and its consequences
First Chapter
General provisions
Section 3Criminal liability
Section 4Legal classification of acts committed by juveniles
Section 5Consequences of youth offences
Section 6Incidental consequences
Section 7Measures of reform and prevention
Section 8Combination of measures and youth penalty
Second Chapter
Supervisory measures
Section 9Types of measure
Section 10Instructions
Section 11Duration of and subsequent amendments to instructions; consequences of failure to comply
Section 12Supervisory assistance
Third Chapter
Disciplinary measures
Section 13Types of measure and their application
Section 14Reprimands
Section 15Conditions
Section 16Youth detention
Section 16aYouth detention in addition to youth penalty
Fourth Chapter
Youth penalty
Section 17Form and conditions
Section 18Duration of youth penalty
Section 19-
Fifth Chapter
Probationary suspension of youth penalty
Section 20(deleted)
Section 21Suspension of sentence
Section 22Probationary period
Section 23Instructions and conditions
Section 24Probationary assistance
Section 25Appointment and duties of the probation officer
Section 26Revocation of probationary suspension of sentence
Section 26aRemission of youth penalty
Sixth Chapter
Suspension of imposition of youth penalty
Section 27Conditions
Section 28Probationary period
Section 29Probationary assistance
Section 30Imposition of youth penalty; spending of sentence
Seventh Chapter
Combination of offences
Section 31Commission of several offences by a juvenile
Section 32Combination of offences committed at different ages and different stages of maturity
Second Title
Constitution and procedure of youth courts
First Chapter
Constitution of youth courts
Section 33Youth courts
Section 33aComposition of the lay youth assessors’ court
Section 33bComposition of the youth panel
Section 34Tasks of the youth court judge
Section 35Lay youth assessors
Section 36Public prosecutors handling matters involving juveniles
Section 37Selection of youth court judges and public prosecutors handling matters involving juveniles
Section 37aCooperation in joint bodies
Section 38Youth courts assistance service
Second Chapter
Section 39Substantive jurisdiction of the youth court judge
Section 40Substantive jurisdiction of the lay youth assessors’ court
Section 41Substantive jurisdiction of the youth panel
Section 42Geographical jurisdiction
Third Chapter
Criminal proceedings against juveniles
First Subchapter
Preliminary proceedings
Section 43Scope of investigations
Section 44Questioning the accused should youth penalty be anticipated
Section 45Dispensing with prosecution
Section 46Principal results of the investigations
Section 46aFiling of charges prior to reporting by the youth courts assistance service
Second Subchapter
The main proceedings
Section 47Discontinuation of proceedings by the judge
Section 47aPre-eminence of the youth courts
Section 48Exclusion of the public
Section 49Administering of oath
Section 50Presence at the main hearing
Section 51Temporary exclusion of participants
Section 51aRecommencement of the main hearing
Section 52Credit for remand detention when calculating youth detention
Section 52aCredit for remand detention when calculating youth penalty
Section 53Transfer of matters to the family or guardianship judge
Section 54Grounds for the judgment
Third Subchapter
Legal remedies
Section 55Contesting decisions
Section 56Partial enforcement of an aggregate penalty
Fourth Subchapter
Procedure for probationary suspension of youth penalty
Section 57Decision on suspension
Section 58Further decisions
Section 59Contesting decisions
Section 60Probation plan
Section 61Reserve of a subsequent ruling on suspension
Section 61aPeriod and jurisdiction for the reserved decision
Section 61bFurther decisions in case of reserve of the decision on suspension
Fifth Subchapter
Procedure for suspension of imposition of youth penalty
Section 62Decisions
Section 63Contesting decisions
Section 64Probation plan
Sixth Subchapter
Supplementary decisions
Section 65Subsequent decisions on instructions and conditions
Section 66Supplementation of decisions in force for multiple convictions
Seventh Subchapter
Common provisions on procedure
Section 67Position of the parents or guardians and of the legal representatives
Section 67aNotification of the parents and guardians, and of the legal representatives
Section 68Compulsory defence counsel
Section 68aTime of appointment of obligatory counsel
Section 68bQuestioning and identity parades prior to the appointment of compulsory defence counsel
Section 69Adviser
Section 70Notifications to official bodies
Section 70aNotification of the juvenile
Section 70bInstructions
Section 70cQuestioning of the accused
Section 71Preliminary orders on supervision
Section 72Remand detention
Section 72aInvolvement of the youth court assistance service in custody matters
Section 73Placement for observation purposes
Section 74Costs and expenses
Eighth Subchapter
Simplified procedure for cases involving juveniles
Section 75(deleted)
Section 76Conditions for applying the simplified procedure for matters involving juveniles
Section 77Rejection of the application
Section 78Procedure and decision
Ninth Subchapter
Suspension of provisions of general procedural law
Section 79Penalty order and accelerated procedure
Section 80Private prosecution and private ancillary prosecution
Section 81Adhesion procedure
Tenth Subchapter
Ordering of preventive detention
Section 81aProcedure and decision
Third Title
Enforcement and execution
First Chapter
First Subchapter
Status of enforcement and jurisdiction
Section 82Head of enforcement
Section 83Decisions in enforcement proceedings
Section 84Geographical jurisdiction
Section 85Surrender and transfer of enforcement
Second Subchapter
Youth detention
Section 86Conversion of detention during leisure time
Section 87Enforcement of youth detention
Third Subchapter
Youth penalty
Section 88Suspension of remainder of youth penalty
Section 89Youth penalty on reserve of the decision on suspension
Section 89aInterruption and enforcement of youth penalty in combination with imprisonment
Section 89bException from execution of youth penalty
Fourth Subchapter
Remand detention
Section 89cEnforcement of remand detention
Second Chapter
Section 90Youth detention
Section 91Purpose of executing youth penalties
Section 92Legal recourse in execution
Section 93Court jurisdiction and court proceedings in measures requiring a prior court order or court approval
Section 93aPlacement in an institution for withdrawal treatment
Fourth Title
Striking from the criminal record
Sections 94 to 96(Repealed)
Section 97Striking from the criminal record by judicial instruction
Section 98Procedure
Section 99Decision
Section 100Striking from the criminal record following remission of penalty or of a remainder of penalty
Section 101Revocation
Fifth Subchapter
Juveniles brought before courts with jurisdiction for general criminal matters
Section 102Jurisdiction
Section 103Joinder of several criminal matters
Section 104Proceedings against juveniles
Part III
Young adults
First Chapter
Application of substantive criminal law
Section 105Application of youth criminal law to young adults
Section 106Mitigation of general criminal law with regard to young adults; preventive detention
Second Chapter
Constitution of the court and procedure
Section 107Constitution of the court
Section 108Jurisdiction
Section 109Procedure
Third Chapter
Enforcement, execution and striking from the criminal record
Section 110Enforcement and execution
Section 111Striking from the criminal record
Fourth Chapter
Young adults appearing in courts with jurisdiction for general criminal matters
Section 112Application mutatis mutandis
Part Four
Special provisions applicable to soldiers in the Federal Armed Forces
Section 112aApplication of youth criminal law
Section 112b(repealed)
Section 112cEnforcement
Section 112dHearing the disciplinary officer
Section 112eProceedings before courts with jurisdiction for general criminal matters
Part Five
Concluding and transitional provisions
Section 113Probation officers
Section 114Execution of imprisonment in a facility for execution of youth penalty
Section 115(repealed)
Section 116Temporal application
Sections 117 to 120(repealed)
Section 121Transitional provision
Sections 122 to 124(repealed)
Section 125Entry into force