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Maritime Labour Act

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Übersetzung durch das Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

Translation provided by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Stand: Die Übersetzung berücksichtigt die Änderung(en) des Gesetzes durch Artikel 5 des Gesetzes vom 20. Juli 2022 (BGBl. I S. 1174)
Der Stand der deutschsprachigen Dokumentation kann aktueller sein. Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/seearbg/BJNR086810013.html.

Version information: The translation includes the amendment(s) to the Act by Article 5 of the Act of 20 July 2022 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1174)
Translations may not be updated at the same time as the German legal provisions displayed on this website. To compare with the current status of the German version, see http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/seearbg/BJNR086810013.html.

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Part 1
General provisions
Section 1Scope
Section 2Definitions
Section 3Crew members
Section 4Shipowners
Section 5Masters and deputies
Section 6Ships’ officers
Section 7Young crew members
Section 8Data protection
Section 9Derogating agreements
Part 2
Minimum requirements for work of crew members on ships
Chapter 1
Minimum age
Section 10Minimum age of the crew member
Chapter 2
Medical fitness for sea service
Section 11Requirement of medical fitness for sea service
Section 12German Medical Certificate
Section 13Refusal to ascertain medical fitness for sea service, findings by the Occupational Accident Insurance Fund
Section 14Powers of the Occupational Accident Insurance Fund to issue orders
Section 15Administrative Appeal Proceedings
Section 16Authorization of physicians
Section 17Monitoring of physicians
Section 18Payment of the examination costs
Section 19Register of medical fitness for sea service
Section 20Legal ordinances
Chapter 3
Manning levels, crew list, qualifications
Section 21Ships’ manning levels
Section 22Crew list
Section 23Certificates and documents of competency, safety training
Chapter 4
Section 24Obligations of the shipowner
Section 25Requirements for placement agents
Section 26Procedure
Section 27Legal ordinances
Part 3
Conditions of employment
Chapter 1
Seafarer's employment agreement, duty of service
Section 28Seafarer's employment agreement
Section 29Information regarding conditions of employment
Section 30Taking up service
Section 31Travel expenses
Section 32Duty of service
Section 32aObligatory further training
Section 33Record of employment
Chapter 2
Presence on board, shore leave, dangers to the ship
Section 34Compulsory presence on board
Section 35Shore leave
Section 36Prevention of dangers to the ship
Chapter 3
Section 37The right to wages
Section 38Calculation and due date of the wages
Section 39Payment of the wages
Section 40Account of payments
Section 41Sale of goods and provision of services
Chapter 4
Hours of work and hours of rest
Section 42Principles for the arrangement of working time
Section 43Hours of work at sea
Section 44Hours of work in port
Section 45Rest breaks and hours of rest
Section 46Derogating hours of work arrangements for two-watch ships, salvage vessels and tugs
Section 47Extension of hours of work in special exceptional cases
Section 48Maximum hours of work and minimum hours of rest
Section 49Derogating working time regulations arranged through collective bargaining agreement
Section 50Table of shipboard working arrangements, records of hours of work
Section 51Remuneration for overtime and night work, as well as work on Sundays and public holidays
Section 52Compensation for Sundays and public holidays
Section 53Working time regulations for young crew members
Section 54Derogating working time regulations for young crew members arranged through collective bargaining agreement
Section 55Legal ordinances
Chapter 5
Section 56Entitlement to leave
Section 57Duration of leave
Section 58Determination of leave
Section 59Place of leave
Section 60Travel expenses
Section 61Holiday pay
Section 62Illness during leave
Section 63Leave on termination of the engagement
Section 64Extension of the engagement, payment in lieu of leave
Chapter 6
Notice and termination of the engagement
Section 65Right to give notice
Section 66Notice periods
Section 67Extraordinary notice by the shipowner
Section 68Extraordinary notice by the crew member
Section 69Extraordinary notice by the crew member because of an urgent family matter
Section 70Compensation for unemployment because of the ship’s loss or foundering
Section 71Termination of the engagement in case of assumed loss of ship and crew
Section 71aExtension of engagement during captivity
Section 72Leaving behind
Chapter 7
Repatriation and abandonment
Section 73Entitlement to repatriation
Section 74Repatriation of a young crew member
Section 75Destination of repatriation
Section 76Implementation and costs of repatriation
Section 76aObligation to provide financial security for cases of abandonment
Section 77Administrative implementation measures in case of repatriation
Section 78Availability of legal provisions on repatriation
Chapter 8
Procedure in the event of death of crew members
Section 79Death of a crew member
Section 80Care of the effects and the wage balance of a deceased or missing crew member
Part 4
Vocational training on board
Section 81Agreement for vocational training for an occupation on board
Section 82Form and content of the agreement for vocational training on board
Section 83Agreement for vocational training on vessels engaged in small distance fleet fishing or coastal fishing
Section 84Entitlement to remuneration
Section 85Calculation and due date of the remuneration
Section 86Probationary period
Section 87Termination
Section 88Notice
Section 89Compensation in case of premature termination
Section 90Vocational training on ships of the Federal Government and of Federal States
Section 91Competent agency
Section 92Legal ordinances
Part 5
Accommodation and recreational facilities, food and catering
Chapter 1
Accommodation and recreational facilities
Section 93Right to accommodation
Section 94Access to communication facilities
Section 95Visits, accompanying partners
Section 96Legal ordinances
Chapter 2
Food and catering
Section 97Right to food, instruction
Section 98Inspections
Part 6
Safety and health protection at work, medical care and welfare
Chapter 1
Entitlement to medical care on board ship and ashore
Section 99Entitlement to medical care
Section 100Particularities of medical care in German ports
Section 101Particularities of medical care abroad
Section 102Suspension of the entitlement to medical care at the expense of the shipowner
Section 103Termination of medical care at the expense of the shipowner
Chapter 2
Continuation of wage payments and other entitlements in case of illness
Section 104Continuation of wage payments in case of illness
Section 105Repatriation in case of illness
Section 106Care of the effects and wage balance of a sick or injured crew member
Section 106aObligation to provide compensation in the event of occupational injuries or illnesses
Chapter 3
Guarantee of medical care by the shipowner
Section 107Medical spaces and medical equipment
Section 108Committee for medical equipment in the maritime shipping sector
Section 109Implementation of medical care and inspections on board
Section 110Monitoring
Section 111Exceptions
Section 112Radio and satellite radio communication medical care
Section 113Legal ordinances
Chapter 4
Safety and health protection at work
Section 114General protection against operational hazards
Section 115Ship safety committee
Section 116Safety representative
Section 117Special protection for young crew members
Section 118Legal ordinances
Chapter 5
Access to shore-based welfare facilities
Section 119Shore-based welfare facilities for seafarers; power to issue ordinances
Part 7
Order on board and right of complaint
Chapter 1
Observance of order on board
Section 120Conduct on board
Section 121Responsibility of the master for maintaining safety and order
Section 122Authority of the ship's officers and the other superiors to give orders
Section 123Duties of the superiors
Section 124Duties of the crew members and the other persons staying on board
Section 125Bringing persons and objects on board
Section 126Persons deemed equivalent to crew members
Chapter 2
Right of complaint, complaint procedure
Section 127Right of complaint
Section 128Complaint procedure
Part 8
Certificates and responsibility of the flag State
Chapter 1
Inspection of the working and living conditions on ships and ashore
Section 129Scope of the flag State inspections
Chapter 2
Maritime labour certificate and declaration of maritime labour compliance
Section 130Obligation to carry a maritime labour certificate, prerequisites for issuance
Section 131Interim maritime labour certificate, short-term extension of the validity of the maritime labour certificate, officially recognised maritime labour certificate
Section 132Declaration of maritime labour compliance
Chapter 3
Fishing labour certificate
Section 133Obligation to carry a fishing labour certificate, prerequisites for issuance
Chapter 4
Ships not obliged to carry a certificate
Section 134Ships not obliged to carry a certificate
Chapter 5
Recognised organisations
Section 135Authorisation of recognised organisations
Chapter 6
Legal ordinances
Section 136Legal ordinances
Part 9
Requirements for ships flying a foreign flag and responsibility of the port State
Chapter 1
Requirements for ships flying a foreign flag
Section 137Requirements for shipowners of ships flying a foreign flag
Chapter 2
Port State control
Section 138Inspection of ships flying a foreign flag
Chapter 3
Crew members on ships flying a foreign flag
Section 139Complaints on ships flying a foreign flag
Section 140Repatriation of crew members on ships flying a foreign flag
Section 141Medical care of crew members on ships flying a foreign flag
Part 10
Enforcement of working and living conditions
Section 142Responsibilities
Section 143Intervention powers of the Occupational Accident Insurance Fund
Section 144Supervision of the Occupational Accident Insurance Fund
Part 11
Provisions on penalties and fines
Section 145Provisions on fines
Section 146Criminal law provisions
Section 147Appeals
Part 12
Final provisions
Chapter 1
Application to self-employed persons
Section 148Self-employed persons
Chapter 2
Fees, making available and promulgating legal provisions
Section 149Fees
Section 150Making available laws and legal ordinances; posting copies and documents in an electronic information system
Section 151Promulgation of legal ordinances
Chapter 3
Transitional regulations
Section 152Transitional regulation for ships measured in gross register tons
Section 153Transitional regulation for authorized physicians