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Ordinance on Accommodation and Recreational Facilities for Crew Members on Board Merchant Vessels
(Ordinance on Accommodation in Maritime Shipping – MaritimeAccommodationO)

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Übersetzung durch den Sprachendienst des Bundesministeriums für Arbeit und Soziales

Translation provided by the Language Service of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Stand: See-Unterkunftsverordnung vom 17. Oktober 2019 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1453)
Der Stand der deutschsprachigen Dokumentation kann aktueller sein. Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/seeunterkunftsv_2019/BJNR145300019.html.

Version information: Ordinance on Accommodation in Maritime Shipping of 17 October 2019 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1453)
Translations may not be updated at the same time as the German legal provisions displayed on this website. To compare with the current status of the German version, see http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/seeunterkunftsv_2019/BJNR145300019.html.

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Section 1
General provisions
§ 1Scope
§ 2Definitions
§ 3General requirements for accommodation and recreational facilities
§ 4Notification
Section 2
Permits, exceptions
§ 5Permit prior to construction, substantial alteration or change of flag of a ship
§ 6Exceptions
Section 3
Requirements for construction, equipment and maintenance of accommodation and recreational facilities
Subsection 1
Walls, ceilings, floors, insulation, protection devices
§ 7Walls, ceilings, floors
§ 8Insulation
§ 9Protection devices against vermin
Subsection 2
Lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, pipes
§ 10Lighting
§ 11Air purification, ventilation and air conditioning systems
§ 12Heating system
§ 13Pipes
Subsection 3
Noise and vibrations
§ 14Prevention of noise and vibrations
Subsection 4
Sleeping rooms, floor areas, berths, equipment
§ 15Sleeping rooms
§ 16Floor areas
§ 17Berths and other sleeping room equipment
Subsection 5
Galleys, provision rooms, refrigeration compartments and mess rooms
§ 18Galleys, provision rooms, refrigeration compartments
§ 19Mess rooms, pantries and furnishings
Subsection 6
Sanitary facilities
§ 20Number and arrangement of sanitary facilities
§ 21Equipment and design of sanitary facilities
Subsection 7
Medical spaces
§ 22Treatment room
§ 23Sickbay
§ 24Procedure room
Subsection 8
§ 25Offices
Subsection 9
Other facilities and recreational areas
§ 26Laundry facilities
§ 27Facilities for the storage of clothes and personal effects, changing rooms
§ 28Recreational areas and recreational rooms
Section 4
Administrative offences
§ 29Administrative offences
Section 5
Transitional and final provisions
§ 30Transitional provisions
§ 31Coming into effect, expiration of legal provisions
Annex 1 (to § 22 (3))