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Federal Code for Notaries
(Bundesnotarordnung – BNotO)

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Übersetzung durch Ute Reusch

Translation provided by Ute Reusch

Stand: Die Übersetzung berücksichtigt die Änderung(en) des Gesetzes durch Artikel 4 des Gesetzes vom 30. Oktober 2017 (BGBl. I 3618)
Der Stand der deutschsprachigen Dokumentation kann aktueller sein. Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bnoto/BJNR001910937.html.

Version information: The translation includes the amendment(s) to the Act by Article 4 of the Act of 30 October 2017 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 3618)
Translations may not be updated at the same time as the German legal provisions displayed on this website. To compare with the current status of the German version, see http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bnoto/BJNR001910937.html.

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Part 1
Office of notary
Division 1
Appointment as notary
Section 1[Nature of profession of notary]
Section 2[Applicable provisions; profession of notary]
Section 3[Notarial office as main occupation; lawyers commissioned as notaries]
Section 4[Requirement for appointment]
Section 5[Qualification to hold judicial office]
Section 6[Aptitude for office]
Section 6a[Refusal]
Section 6b[Advertisement and application]
Section 7[Service as trainee notary]
Section 7a[Professional examination for notaries]
Section 7b[Written examination]
Section 7c[Oral examination]
Section 7d[Service of certificate, objection]
Section 7e[Failure to pass examination]
Section 7f[Use of means of deception; disqualification]
Section 7g[Examination Office]
Section 7h[Fees]
Section 7i[Statutory instruments]
Section 8[Prohibition of secondary employment, exceptions]
Section 9[Joint practice]
Section 10[Location of office]
Section 10a[Jurisdiction]
Section 11[Official district]
Section 11a[Notaries appointed abroad]
Section 12[Certificate of appointment]
Section 13[Official oath]
Division 2
Exercise of office
Section 14[Powers and duties]
Section 15[Refusal to exercise office]
Section 16[Ban on involvement, bias]
Section 17[Fees]
Section 18[Obligation of confidentiality]
Section 19[Breach of official duty, liability]
Section 19a[Professional indemnity insurance]
Division 3
Official functions
Section 20[Notarial recording and advisory services]
Section 21[Issue of certificates]
Section 22[Administration of oath, declaration in lieu of oath]
Section 23[Safekeeping and delivery]
Section 24[Advisory services and representation]
Division 4
Other duties
Section 25[Members of staff]
Section 26Formal declaration by persons employed
Section 26aAvailment of services
Section 27[Notification of joint practice]
Section 28[Maintenance of independence and impartiality]
Section 29[Ban on advertising]
Section 30[Duty to provide training]
Section 31[Code of conduct]
Section 32[Copies of law gazettes]
Section 33Electronic signature
Section 34Reporting requirements
Division 4a
Keeping of files and directories
Section 35(repealed)
Section 36Authorisation to issue statutory instruments regarding files and directories
Section 37(repealed)
Division 5
Absence and inability to carry out duties. Deputy notary
Section 38[Absence]
Section 39[Deputy notary]
Section 40[Appointment]
Section 41[Powers]
Section 42[Competence as regards pecuniary disputes]
Section 43[Remuneration of ex-officio appointed deputy]
Section 44[Beginning and end of authority]
Section 45[Safe custody of files in case of absence]
Section 46[Breach of official duty by deputy]
Division 6
Expiry of office. Suspension from office. Administrator for notary
Section 47[Expiry of office]
Section 48[Discharge]
Section 48a[Retirement age]
Section 48b[Temporary resignation from office]
Section 48c[Return following resignation from office]
Section 49[Criminal conviction]
Section 50[Removal from office]
Section 51[Storage of files]
Section 52[Continued use of official designation]
Section 53[Taking over rooms and employees]
Section 54[Suspension from office]
Section 55[Safe custody of files and official acts following suspension from office]
Section 56[Administrator for notary]
Section 57[Administrator for notaryʼs duties, certificate of appointment]
Section 58[Continuing official business, fees]
Section 59[Administrator for notaryʼs remuneration]
Section 60[Surpluses from administration of notarial affairs]
Section 61[Breach of official duty by administrator for notary]
Section 62[Pecuniary disputes between chamber of notaries and administrator for notary]
Section 63[Inspection of files by chamber of notaries]
Section 64[Duration and end of authority]
Division 7
General provisions on administrative proceedings
Section 64a[Applicability of Administrative Procedure Act, transmission of personal information]
Part 2
Chambers of notaries and Federal Chamber of Notaries
Division 1
Chambers of notaries
Section 65[Formation and seat]
Section 66[By-laws, state supervision, report]
Section 67[Tasks]
Section 68[Constituent bodies]
Section 69[Executive board]
Section 69a[Obligation of confidentiality, professional privilege]
Section 69b[Formation of sections]
Section 70[Presidentʼs tasks]
Section 71[Assembly of chamber]
Section 72[Enactment of by-laws]
Section 73[Membership dues]
Section 74[Right to information]
Section 75[Admonition, objection]
Division 2
Federal Chamber of Notaries
Section 76[Formation, seat]
Section 77[State supervision, by-laws]
Section 78Tasks
Section 78aCentral Register of Lasting Powers of Attorney; authorisation to issue statutory instruments
Section 78bInformation and fees
Section 78cCentral Register of Wills; authorisation to issue statutory instruments
Section 78dContent of Central Register of Wills
Section 78eNotification of death
Section 78fInformation extracted from Central Register of Wills
Section 78gFees levied in respect of Central Register of Wills
Section 78hElectronic Document Archive; authorisation to issue statutory instruments
Section 78iAccess to Electronic Document Archive
Section 78jFees levied in respect of Electronic Document Archive
Section 78kElectronic Database of Notarial Files; authorisation to issue statutory instruments
Section 78lDirectory of Notaries
Section 78mAuthorisation to issue statutory instruments regarding Directory of Notaries
Section 78nSpecial electronic notarial mailbox; authorisation to issue statutory instruments
Section 78oComplaint
Section 79[Constituent bodies]
Section 80[Presiding Board]
Section 81[Election of Presiding Board]
Section 81a[Obligation of confidentiality]
Section 82[Presiding Boardʼs tasks]
Section 83[Resolutions, meeting of representatives]
Section 84[Representatives]
Section 85[Convocation of meeting of representatives]
Section 86[Composition and voting]
Section 87[Presiding Boardʼs reporting requirement]
Section 88[Honorary capacity]
Section 89[By-laws]
Section 90[Right to information]
Section 91[Membership dues]
Part 3
Supervision. Disciplinary proceedings
Division 1
Section 92[Supervisory authority]
Section 93[Powers of supervisory authorities]
Section 94[Disapproval]
Division 2
Disciplinary proceedings
Section 95[Disciplinary offence]
Section 95a[Limitation period]
Section 96[Applicability of Federal Disciplinary Act]
Section 97[Disciplinary measures]
Section 98[Disciplinary order, disciplinary action]
Section 99[Disciplinary courts]
Section 100[Delegating tasks by statutory instrument]
Section 101[Composition of higher regional court]
Section 102[Appointment of judges and deputies]
Section 103[Appointment of associate judges who are notaries]
Section 104[Rights and duties of associate judges who are notaries]
Section 105[Appeal]
Section 106[Composition of Federal Court of Justice]
Section 107[Appointment of judges and deputies]
Section 108[Appointment of associate judges who are notaries]
Section 109[Applicability of Federal Disciplinary Act as regards disciplinary proceedings]
Section 110[Type of proceedings in case of misconduct by lawyers commissioned as notaries]
Section 110a[Retention period]
Part 4
Transitional and final provisions
Section 111[Competence]
Section 111a[Local jurisdiction]
Section 111b[Applicable provisions of Code of Administrative Court Procedure]
Section 111c[Opposing party]
Section 111d[Appeal on points of fact and law]
Section 111e[Legal action against elections and resolutions]
Section 111f[Fees]
Section 111g[Assessment of value in dispute]
Section 111h[Legal redress for excessive length of proceedings]
Section 112[Delegation of powers]
Section 113[Notaries’ Fund and Notaries’ Fund for the Five Eastern Länder]
Section 113a(repealed)
Section 113b[Chambers of notaries outside of Fundsʼ areas of activity]
Section 114[Special provisions applicable to Baden-Württemberg]
Section 115(repealed)
Section 116[Special provisions applicable to Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony]
Section 117[Joint higher regional court for several Länder]
Section 117a[Chambers of notaries in Frankfurt am Main Higher Regional Court district and eastern Länder]
Section 117b[Degree in German Democratic Republic]
Section 118(repealed)
Section 119(repealed)
Section 120[Transitional provision for appointment procedures]