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Competition Act
(Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen – GWB)

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Übersetzung durch den Sprachendienst des Bundeskartellamtes in Zusammenarbeit mit Renate Tietjen

Translation provided by the Language Service of the Bundeskartellamt in cooperation with Renate Tietjen

Stand: Die vorliegende Übersetzung berücksichtigt die Änderung(en) des Gesetzes durch Artikel 1 des Gesetzes vom 25. Oktober 2023 (BGBl. I S. 294)
Der Stand der deutschsprachigen Dokumentation kann aktueller sein. Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/gwb/BJNR252110998.html.

Version information: The English translation includes the amendments to the Act by Article 1 of the Act of 25 October 2023 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 294)
Translations may not be updated at the same time as the German legal provisions displayed on this website. To compare with the current status of the German version, see http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/gwb/BJNR252110998.html.

Zur Nutzung dieser Übersetzung lesen Sie bitte den Hinweis unter "Translations".

For conditions governing use of this translation, please see the information provided under "Translations".

Part 1
Restraints of Competition
Chapter 1
Agreements, Decisions and Concerted Practices Restricting Competition
Section 1Prohibition of Agreements Restricting Competition
Section 2Exempted Agreements
Section 3Cartels of Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises
Sections 4-17(repealed)
Chapter 2
Market Dominance, Other Restrictive Practices
Section 18Market Dominance
Section 19Prohibited Conduct of Dominant Undertakings
Section 19aAbusive Conduct of Undertakings of Paramount Significance for Competition Across Markets
Section 20Prohibited Conduct of Undertakings with Relative or Superior Market Power
Section 21Prohibition of Boycott and Other Restrictive Practices
Chapter 3
Application of European Competition Law
Section 22Relationship Between this Act and Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
Section 23(repealed)
Chapter 4
Competition Rules
Section 24Definition, Application for Recognition
Section 25Third Party Comments
Section 26Recognition
Section 27Information on Competition Rules, Publications
Chapter 5
Special Provisions for Certain Sectors of the Economy
Section 28Agriculture
Section 29Energy Sector
Section 30Press
Section 31Water Management Contracts
Section 31aWater Management, Notification Requirement
Section 31bWater Management, Duties and Powers of the Competition Authority, Sanctions
Chapter 6
Powers of the Competition Authorities, Damages and Disgorgement of Benefits
Division 1
Powers of the Competition Authorities
Section 32Termination and Subsequent Declaration of Infringements
Section 32aInterim Measures
Section 32bCommitments
Section 32cNo Grounds for Action
Section 32dWithdrawal of Exemption
Section 32eInvestigations into Individual Sectors of the Economy and Individual Types of Agreements
Section 32fMeasures following a sector inquiry
Section 32gInvestigation of possible violations of Regulation (EU) 2022/1925 (Digital Markets Act)
Division 2
Damages and Disgorgement of Benefits
Section 33Claim for Injunction and Rectification
Section 33aLiability for Damages
Section 33bBinding Effect of Decisions Issued by a Competition Authority
Section 33cPassing-on of Overcharges
Section 33dJoint and Several Liability
Section 33eImmunity Recipient
Section 33fEffect of Consensual Settlements
Section 33gRight to Have Evidence Surrendered and Information Provided
Section 33hLimitation Periods
Section 34Disgorgement of Benefits by the Competition Authority
Section 34aDisgorgement of Benefits by Associations
Chapter 7
Control of Concentrations
Section 35Scope of Application of the Control of Concentrations
Section 36Principles for the Appraisal of Concentrations
Section 37Concentration
Section 38Calculation of Turnover, Market Shares and Value of Consideration
Section 39Notification and Information Obligation
Section 39a(repealed)
Section 40Procedure of the Control of Concentrations
Section 41Prohibition to Implement a Concentration, Dissolution
Section 42Ministerial Authorisation
Section 43Publications
Section 43aEvaluation
Chapter 8
Monopolies Commission
Section 44Tasks
Section 45Members
Section 46Decisions, Organisation, Rights and Duties of the Members
Section 47Transfer of Statistical Data
Chapter 9
Market Transparency Units for Electricity and Gas Wholesale Trading and Fuels
Division 1
Market Transparency Unit for Electricity and Gas Wholesale Trading
Section 47aEstablishment, Competencies, Organisation
Section 47bTasks
Section 47cUse of Data
Section 47dPowers
Section 47eReporting Obligations
Section 47fPower to Issue a Statutory Instrument
Section 47gAreas for Issuing Determinations
Section 47hReporting Duties, Publications
Section 47iCooperation with Other Authorities and Supervisory Entities
Section 47jConfidential Information, Operational Reliability, Data Protection
Division 2
Market Transparency Unit for Fuels
Section 47kFuel Market Monitoring
Division 3
Section 47lEvaluation of the Market Transparency Units
Part 2
Competition Authorities
Chapter 1
General Provisions
Section 48Competencies
Section 49Bundeskartellamt and Supreme Land Authority
Section 50Enforcement of European Law
Chapter 2
Cooperation Between Authorities
Section 50aInvestigations Within the European Competition Network
Section 50bService of Documents Within the European Competition Network
Section 50cEnforcement Within the European Competition Network
Section 50dExchange of Information Within the European Competition Network
Section 50eOther Cooperation with Foreign Competition Authorities
Section 50fCooperation with Other Authorities
Chapter 3
Section 51Seat, Organisation
Section 52Publication of General Instructions
Section 53Activity Report and Monitoring Reports
Part 3
Chapter 1
Administrative Matters
Division 1
Proceedings Before the Competition Authorities
Section 54Institution of Proceedings, Parties, Capacity to Participate in Proceedings
Section 55Preliminary Decision on Jurisdiction
Section 56Opportunity to Comment, Access to Files, Hearing
Section 57Investigations, Evidence
Section 58Seizure
Section 59Requests for Information
Section 59aExamination of Business Documents
Section 59bSearches
Section 60Preliminary Injunctions
Section 61Completion of the Proceedings, Reasons for the Decision, Service
Section 62Acts Subject to Fees
Division 2
Common Provisions on Appeal Proceedings
Section 63Parties to the Appeal Proceedings, Capacity to Participate in the Proceedings
Section 64Mandatory Representation by Lawyers
Section 65Hearing
Section 66Suspensive Effect
Section 67Order of Immediate Enforcement
Section 68Preliminary Injunctions in the Appeal Proceedings
Section 69Relief in Case of Infringement of the Right to be Heard
Section 70Access to Files
Section 71Apportionment and Taxation of Costs
Section 72Application of the Provisions of the German Courts Constitution Act and the German Code of Civil Procedure
Division 3
Section 73Admissibility, Jurisdiction
Section 74Time Limits and Formal Requirements
Section 75Principle of Investigation
Section 76Decision on the Appeal
Division 4
Appeal on Points of Law and Appeal Against Refusal to Grant Leave to Appeal
Section 77Leave to Appeal, Absolute Reasons for Appeal
Section 78Appeal Against Refusal to Grant Leave to Appeal
Section 79Right to Appeal on Points of Law, Formal Requirements and Time Limits
Section 80Decision on the Appeal on Points of Law
Chapter 2
Administrative Fines
Division 1
Provisions Concerning Administrative Fines
Section 81Offences Giving Rise to Administrative Fines
Section 81aAdministrative Fines on Undertakings
Section 81bAdministrative Fines on Associations of Undertakings
Section 81cAmount of Administrative Fines
Section 81dSetting the Administrative Fine
Section 81eContingent Liability in the Interim Period
Section 81fInterest Due on Administrative Fines
Section 81gLimitation Period for Administrative Fines
Division 2
Leniency Programme
Section 81hAim and Scope of Application
Section 81iApplication for Leniency
Section 81jGeneral Conditions for Leniency
Section 81kImmunity from Administrative Fines
Section 81lReduction of Administrative Fines
Section 81mMarkers
Section 81nSummary Applications
Division 3
Administrative Fine Proceedings
Section 82Jurisdiction in Cartel Fine Proceedings
Section 82aCompetences and Jurisdiction in Proceedings After an Objection has been Filed
Section 82bSpecial Investigatory Powers
Section 83Jurisdiction of the Higher Regional Court in Judicial Proceedings
Section 84Appeal to the Federal Court of Justice on Points of Law
Section 85Reopening of Proceedings Against a Fining Notice
Section 86Court Decisions Concerning Enforcement
Chapter 3
Section 86aEnforcement
Chapter 4
Civil Actions
Section 87Exclusive Jurisdiction of the Regional Courts
Section 88Joining of Actions
Section 89Jurisdiction of One Regional Court Over Several Court Districts
Section 89aAdjustment of the Value in Dispute, Reimbursement of Costs
Section 89bProcedure
Section 89cDisclosure of Information from the Authority's File
Section 89dRules of Evidence
Section 89eCommon Provisions for Sections 33g and 89b to 89d
Chapter 5
Common Provisions
Section 90Information of and Participation by the Competition Authorities
Section 90aCooperation of the Courts with the European Commission and the Competition Authorities
Section 91Cartel Panel of the Higher Regional Court
Section 92Jurisdiction of a Higher Regional Court or of the Supreme Court of a Land for Several Court Districts in Administrative Matters and Proceedings Concerning Administrative Fines
Section 93Jurisdiction Over Appeals
Section 94Cartel Panel of the Federal Court of Justice
Section 95Exclusive Jurisdiction
Section 96(repealed)
Part 4
Award of Public Contracts and Concessions
Chapter 1
Procurement Procedure
Division 1
General Principles, Definitions and Scope
Section 97General Principles for Making Awards
Section 98Contracting Authorities
Section 99Public Contracting Authorities
Section 100Sector Contracting Entities
Section 101Concession Grantors
Section 102Sector Activities
Section 103Public Contracts, Framework Agreements and Design Contests
Section 104Public Contracts Relating to Defence or Security
Section 105Concessions
Section 106Thresholds
Section 107General Exceptions
Section 108Exceptions for Cooperation with Other Public Authorities
Section 109Exceptions for Awards Based on International Procedural Rules
Section 110Award of Public Contracts and Concessions that Have Different Types of Procurement as Their Subject Matter
Section 111Award of Public Contracts and Concessions Whose Parts Are Covered by Different Legal Regimes
Section 112Award of Public Contracts and Concessions Covering Several Activities
Section 113Power to Issue a Statutory Instrument
Section 114Monitoring and Procurement Statistics
Division 2
Award of Public Contracts by Public Contracting Authorities
Subdivision 1
Section 115Scope
Section 116Special Exceptions
Section 117Special Exceptions for Awards that Include Defence or Security Aspects
Section 118Public Contracts Reserved for Certain Contractors
Subdivision 2
Procurement Procedure and Contract Performance
Section 119Types of Procedures
Section 120Special Techniques and Instruments in Procurement Procedures
Section 121Tender Specifications
Section 122Eligibility
Section 123Compulsory Grounds for Exclusion
Section 124Facultative Grounds for Exclusion
Section 125Self-cleaning
Section 126Allowable Period for Exclusion
Section 127Contract Award
Section 128Contract Performance
Section 129Mandatory Contract Performance Conditions
Section 130Award of Public Contracts for Social and Other Specific Services
Section 131Award of Public Contracts for Passenger Transport Services by Rail
Section 132Modification of Contracts During Their Term
Section 133Termination of Public Contracts in Special Cases
Section 134Information and Standstill Obligation
Section 135Ineffectiveness
Subdivision 1
Award of Public Contracts by Sector Contracting Entities
Section 136Scope
Section 137Special Exceptions
Section 138Special Exception for Awards to Affiliated Undertakings
Section 139Special Exception for Awards by or to a Joint Venture
Section 140Special Exception for Activities that are Directly Exposed to Competition
Section 141Types of Procedures
Section 142Other Applicable Provisions
Section 143Provision for Contracting Entities under the Federal Mining Act
Subdivision 2
Award of Public Contracts Relating to Defence or Security
Section 144Scope
Section 145Special Exceptions for the Award of Public Contracts Relating to Defence or Security
Section 146Types of Procedure
Section 147Other Applicable Provisions
Subdivision 3
Award of Concessions
Section 148Scope
Section 149Special Exceptions
Section 150Special Exceptions for the Award of Concessions in the Fields of Defence and Security
Section 151Procedure
Section 152Requirements of the Concession Award Procedure
Section 153Award of Concessions for Social and Other Specific Services
Section 154Other Applicable Provisions
Division 1
Reviewing Authorities
Section 155Principle
Section 156Public Procurement Tribunals
Section 157Composition, Independence
Section 158Establishment, Organisation
Section 159Delimitation of Competence of the Public Procurement Tribunals
Division 2
Proceedings before the Public Procurement Tribunal
Section 160Initiation of the Proceedings, Application
Section 161Form, Content
Section 162Parties to the Proceedings, Admission to the Proceedings
Section 163Principle of Investigation
Section 164Storing of Confidential Documents
Section 165Access to Files
Section 166Hearing
Section 167Expedition
Section 168Decision of the Public Procurement Tribunal
Section 169Suspension of the Procurement Procedure
Section 170Exclusion of Divergent Land Law
Division 3
Immediate Appeal
Section 171Admissibility, Jurisdiction
Section 172The Limit, Formal Requirements, Content
Section 173Effect
Section 174Parties to the Appeal Proceedings
Section 175Procedural Provisions
Section 176Preliminary Decision on the Award
Section 177End of the Procurement Procedure after the Decision of the Appellate Court
Section 178Decision on the Appeal
Section 179Binding Effect and Duty to Refer the Matter
Section 180Damages in the Event of an Abuse of Rights
Section 181Claim for Damages Arising from Reliance
Section 182Costs of Proceedings before the Public Procurement Tribunal
Section 183Corrective Mechanism of the Commission
Section 184Information Duties of the Review Bodies
Part 5
Scope of Application of Parts 1 to 3
Section 185Public Undertakings, Scope of Application
Part 6
Transitional and Final Provisions
Section 186Application of Section 47k
Section 187Transitional and Final Provisions