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Insurance Contract Act 2008

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Übersetzung durch Ute Reusch. Laufende Aktualisierung der Übersetzung durch Neil Mussett.

Translation provided by Ute Reusch. Translation regularly updated by Neil Mussett.

Stand: Die Übersetzung berücksichtigt die Änderung(en) des Gesetzes durch Artikel 4 des Gesetzes vom 11. Juli 2021 (BGBl. I S. 2754).
Der Stand der deutschsprachigen Dokumentation kann aktueller sein. Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/vvg_2008/BJNR263110007.html.

Version information: The translation includes the amendment(s) to the Act by Article 4 of the Act of 11 July 2021 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2754).
Translations may not be updated at the same time as the German legal provisions displayed on this website. To compare with the current status of the German version, see http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/vvg_2008/BJNR263110007.html.

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Part 1
General part
Chapter 1
Provisions applying to all classes of insurance
Division 1
General provisions
Section 1Typical obligations
Section 1aDistribution activities of the insurer
Section 2Retroactive insurance
Section 3Insurance policy
Section 4Insurance policy issued in the name of the holder
Section 5Deviating insurance policy
Section 6Advising the policyholder
Section 6aDetails concerning the provision of information
Section 7Information provided to the policyholder
Section 7aCross-selling
Section 7bInformation to be provided in the case of insurance-based investment products
Section 7cAssessment of insurance-based investment products; reporting requirement
Section 7dAdvice, information and cancellation for specific group insurance policies
Section 8Policyholder's right of revocation
Section 9Legal consequences of revocation
Section 10Commencement and expiry of insurance
Section 11Renewal, termination of the contract
Section 12Period of insurance
Section 13Change of address and name
Section 14Due date of cash benefit
Section 15Suspension of limitation period
Section 16Insurer's insolvency
Section 17Prohibition of assignment of things exempt from seizure
Section 18Deviating agreements
Division 2
Duty of disclosure, aggravation of risk, other incidental obligations
Section 19Duty of disclosure
Section 20Policyholder's representative
Section 21Exercising of the insurer's rights
Section 22Fraudulent misrepresentation
Section 23Aggravation of risk
Section 24Termination of the contract due to aggravation of the risk insured
Section 25Increase in insurance premium due to aggravation of risk
Section 26Release from liability due to aggravation of risk
Section 27Immaterial aggravation of risk
Section 28Non-observance of an incidental obligation
Section 29Partial withdrawal, partial termination, partial release from liability
Section 30Notification of the occurrence of the insured event
Section 31Policyholder's duty to disclose information
Section 32Deviating agreements
Division 3
Section 33Due date
Section 34Payment by a third party
Section 35Offsetting by the insurer
Section 36Place of performance
Section 37Delayed payment of first insurance premium
Section 38Delayed payment of subsequent premium
Section 39Termination of the contract before the agreed date
Section 40Termination on account of increase in premium
Section 41Reduction of the premium
Section 42Deviating agreements
Division 4
Insurance for the account of a third party
Section 43Definitions
Section 44Rights of the insured person
Section 45Rights of the policyholder
Section 46Rights between the policyholder and the insured person
Section 47Knowledge and conduct of the insured person
Section 48Insurance for the account of "whom it may concern"
Division 5
Provisional cover
Section 49Content of the contract
Section 50Non-formation of the main contract
Section 51Payment of the premium
Section 52Termination of the contract
Division 6
Open policy
Section 53Duty to give notice
Section 54Breach of the duty to give notice
Section 55Individual policy
Section 56Breach of the duty of disclosure
Section 57Change in risk insured
Section 58Non-observance of an incidental obligation
Division 7
Insurance intermediaries, insurance advisers
Subdivision 1
Duties to notify and advise
Section 59Definitions
Section 60Basis on which insurance intermediary provides advice
Section 61Insurance intermediary's duties of advice and documentation
Section 62Time and form of the information
Section 63Obligation to pay damages
Section 64Securing payment to the policyholder's benefit
Section 65Jumbo risk
Section 66Other exceptions
Section 67Deviating agreements
Section 68Insurance advisers
Subdivision 2
Power of agency
Section 69Statutory power of attorney
Section 70Knowledge of the insurance agent
Section 71Authorisation to acquire contracts
Section 72Restriction of the power of agency
Section 73Employees and intermediaries not working on a commercial basis
Chapter 2
Indemnity insurance
Division 1
General provisions
Section 74Overinsurance
Section 75Underinsurance
Section 76Agreed value
Section 77Several insurers
Section 78Liability in the case of multiple insurance
Section 79Elimination of the multiple insurance
Section 80Lack of insured interest
Section 81Causing the insured event
Section 82Loss avoidance and minimisation
Section 83Reimbursement of expenses
Section 84Drawing on an expert
Section 85Costs of establishing the loss
Section 86Assignment of claims
Section 87Deviating agreements
Division 2
Property insurance
Section 88Insurable value
Section 89Insurance for an aggregate of things
Section 90Extended reimbursement of expenses
Section 91Interest on compensation
Section 92Termination of the contract after an insured event
Section 93Replacement clause
Section 94Effectiveness of payment vis-à-vis mortgage creditors
Section 95Sale of the insured object
Section 96Termination of the contract after a sale
Section 97Disclosure of the sale
Section 98Protection afforded the buyer
Section 99Foreclosure, acquisition of the right of use
Part 2
Individual classes of insurance
Chapter 1
Liability insurance
Division 1
General provisions
Section 100Insurer's liability
Section 101Legal protection costs
Section 102Employer's liability insurance
Section 103Causing the insured event
Section 104Policyholder's duty of disclosure
Section 105Acknowledgement by the policyholder
Section 106Due date for performance
Section 107Entitlement to a pension
Section 108Right of recourse provision
Section 109Several injured parties
Section 110Policyholder's insolvency
Section 111Termination of the contract after an insured event
Section 112Deviating agreements
Division 2
Compulsory insurance
Section 113Compulsory insurance
Section 114Scope of the insurance cover
Section 115Direct claim
Section 116Joint and several debtors
Section 117Liability towards third parties
Section 118Order of precedence of several claims
Section 119Third party's incidental obligations
Section 120Non-observance of an incidental obligation by the third party
Section 121Offsetting against third parties
Section 122Sale of the insured object
Section 123Recourse in the case of several insured parties
Section 124Extent of legal force
Chapter 2
Legal expenses insurance
Section 125Insurer's liability
Section 126Claims processing company
Section 127Freedom of choice of lawyer
Section 128Procedure for calling in expert opinion
Section 129Deviating agreements
Chapter 3
Transport insurance
Section 130Extent of risk accepted
Section 131Breach of the duty of disclosure
Section 132Change of risk insured
Section 133Transportation in breach of contract
Section 134Unsuitable means of transport
Section 135Reimbursement of expenses
Section 136Insurable value
Section 137Causing an insured event
Section 138Exclusion of liability for ships
Section 139Sale of the insured object or goods
Section 140Sale of the insured ship
Section 141Release following payment of the sum insured
Chapter 4
Building fire insurance
Section 142Disclosures to mortgage creditors
Section 143Continuation of liability towards mortgage creditors
Section 144Termination of the contract by the policyholder
Section 145Assignment of the mortgage
Section 146Duty of the insurer to provide confirmation and disclose information
Section 147Change of mortgage creditor's address and name
Section 148Other charges on real property
Section 149Owner's charges on real property
Chapter 5
Life insurance
Section 150Insured person
Section 151Medical examination
Section 152Revocation by the policyholder
Section 153Surplus sharing
Section 154Model calculation
Section 155Balance notification
Section 156Knowledge and conduct of the insured person
Section 157Declaring incorrect age
Section 158Change in risk
Section 159Appointment of beneficiary
Section 160Interpretation of the appointment of beneficiary
Section 161Suicide
Section 162Killing by the beneficiary
Section 163Change in premium and benefits payable
Section 164Adjustment of the terms
Section 165Fully paid-up insurance
Section 166Termination of the contract by the insurer
Section 167Conversion to qualify for exemption from attachment
Section 168Termination of the contract by the policyholder
Section 169Surrender value
Section 170Right of subrogation
Section 171Deviating agreements
Chapter 6
Occupational disability insurance
Section 172Insurer's liability
Section 173Acknowledgement
Section 174Release from liability
Section 175Deviating agreements
Section 176Applicable provisions
Section 177Similar contracts of insurance
Chapter 7
Accident insurance
Section 178Insurer's liability
Section 179Insured person
Section 180Invalidity
Section 181Aggravation of risk
Section 182Contributory causes
Section 183Causing the insured event
Section 184Loss avoidance and minimisation
Section 185Appointment of beneficiary
Section 186Insurer's duty to provide information
Section 187Acknowledgement
Section 188Re-assessment of invalidity
Section 189Drawing on an expert, costs of ascertaining the loss
Section 190Compulsory insurance
Section 191Deviating agreements
Chapter 8
Health insurance
Section 192Typical obligations incumbent on the insurer
Section 193Insured person; obligatory insurance
Section 194Applicable provisions
Section 195Period of insurance
Section 196Time limit on daily sickness allowance insurance
Section 197Qualifying periods
Section 198Supplementary insurance for children
Section 199Public servants entitled to sickness allowance
Section 200Prohibition of enrichment
Section 201Causing an insured event
Section 202Insurer's duty to provide information; costs of ascertaining the loss
Section 203Adjustment of premium and conditions
Section 204Change of tariff
Section 205Termination of the contract by the policyholder
Section 206Termination by the insurer
Section 207Continuation of the insurance agreement
Section 208Deviating agreements
Part 3
Concluding provisions
Section 209Reinsurance, maritime insurance
Section 210Jumbo risks, open policy
Section 211Pension funds, small insurance associations, insurances with small contributions
Section 212Continuation of life insurance after parental leave
Section 213Acquiring personal health-related data from third parties
Section 214Conciliation board
Section 215Place of jurisdiction
Section 216Derivative right of action with a majority of insurers
Annex (re section 8 (4), first sentence)
Model notice regarding revocation